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If you’re ready to increase new patients through the door and harness the potential of digital marketing, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of industry experts are on a mission to never stop learning about what works in digital marketing for the Allied Health space.  

Our goal is to help you build a strong brand, while effectively communicating your passion and services so you can increase your patient visitations and grow your practice.

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For more than a decade we've been learning about what works and what doesn't and we're using that experience to help you grow your practice.

Big on Personality

Your personality is often lost online, but it doesn't have to be. We're big on building a brand presence that is unique so you stand out from the crowd.

Proven Solutions

We're offering you tried and tested solutions that we know work using knowledge that has been extensively developed from years of digital experience.

We Work With Allied Health Professionals

Results Focused

Our job is to ensure the digital marketing process is as simple as possible for you. We will only present a results-driven program that we have tried and tested; that we know will deliver results for you. 

We work with allied health clinics and our program is tailored with marketing tactics that work across all allied health businesses.

We do this with a focus on brand awareness strategies which we believe will not only drive more patients for your business but also build your health business a valuable asset. Most of all, we measure what matters most. We track patient engagement through Google Analytics, Google Ads & and know every time a new patient makes a booking.

We want to see your business grow.

Our Allied Health Marketing Services

We know that your biggest online asset is your website and that optimising it and using it to its fullest potential delivers results. Therefore, our core services focus on delivering websites and local search engine optimisation (SEO) services. We know the exact allied health marketing strategy that works for Allied Health Professionals.

Websites built to convert

We will develop and roll out a new and improved version of your website (and brand if required). The new website will be mobile friendly and optimised for both SEO and conversions (especially bookings and patients through the door).

Local SEO & PPC

There are a lot of moving parts involved in executing effective search engine marketing strategies (including SEO and PPC), and we’ll consistently focus on keywords and rankings to maximise conversions and return on investment for you. We know allied health professionals are busy, and help bridge the local health marketing gap.

Track, Measure & Qualify

The goal of our local health marketing program is to help your business grow. Driving traffic to your website is only the beginning. Our program will also focus on optimising your practice to increase bookings and patient visitations.

Local Health Marketing Program

Brand consistency is everything

It’s important in a sea of sameness to stand out. Let’s make sure your branding is consistent and unique – that your logo matches your tone of voice and connects to your vision.  The outcome will be a website that proudly represents your practice.

Website Strategy

Our program begins with your brand strategy and website.  If you don’t have a professional website that is built to convert visitors, then none of your internet marketing efforts will work.

Improve local visibility online

Let’s make sure you are highly visible online for your service area and the surrounding suburbs.


Quick wins

Within the first 14 days, we’ll launch a landing page and a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign while we wait for your website to be built so you can start getting bookings.

Link building is one of the main drivers in SEO.  We’ll put together a link building strategy that signals to Google your websites importance.

This is only the beginning

There is so much we could be doing with your digital marketing. However, we only want to focus on results. When we have your campaign humming, we can focus on Phase 2.

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Health Marketing FAQs

Healthcare marketing is about differentiating your practice and picking a niche speciality.

It’s often said that there are only three things you need to be competitive in healthcare – location, location, and location. But maybe it should be replaced with three words – differentiation, differentiation, and differentiation.

Then leverage this to create your brand online.  Create content with integrity, post articles that meet high standards and will be beneficial to your target audience.

Once you get this piece in place and understand your audience, digital marketing becomes easier to implement.

When it comes to Dr Google,  it’s no surprise that healthcare marketers should be focusing the marketing strategy on Local SEO. The aim of Local SEO is to rank in the #1 spot for your modality + location in the Google Maps rankings (3 pack).  In regards to SEO, it is important to focus time on the search engine optimisation of your website.  

Ensure you have a dedicated page for all the modalities, conditions you treat and locations.   and build a good Google My Business (GMB) account with consistency in posting both on your website, and in your GMB account.

Google is a search engine that can give your clinic a lot of exposure. It’s important to have your clinic listed within the first three Google Map listings for your practice and in the organic search for both your primary service and related services. 

In general, marketing objectives can be broken down into three components.

  1. Awareness – Generating new patients from your locality who are not already coming to your clinic. 
  2. Engagement – Retaining existing patients and getting them engaged with your services on a more regular basis through communications, but most importantly–getting them in for a wellness checkup! 
  3. Conversion – Generating returning patient visits that bring people back over and over again by the additional consultations or special offers without any strings attached!  We take our car in for a yearly checkup, we should be taking our body too!

Google & the SEO space, in general, has a range of tools and tricks, both free and paid, to help make sure your clinic show up when someone searches for healthcare practice in your area. 

One of these tools is Google My Business. You’ll need to register an account with Google My Business which will allow you to add photos and videos from inside your company so potential patients can get an idea before they go in what it’s like there or contact you directly for any reason.

Good health marketing will also help you build a strong health marketing plan, that will identify your core differences, and help convey that message to potential patients, through the website, or other marketing mediums.

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