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Allied Health Marketing: Google Ads Secrets With Ilana Wechsler

Navigating the ever-evolving terrain of Google Ads can be a complex journey.

As I round up my deep dive into Google Ads with Ilana, one thing is clear: mastery of this platform holds the potential to unlock new heights for your clinic.

Whether you’re fine-tuning your strategy or embarking on this journey independently, every step in understanding and leveraging Google Ads pushes you closer to your business objectives.

Local businesses thrive on being visible to the right audience, at the right time, and in the right place. And this is where the blend of smart bidding, keywords, and compelling ad copy comes into the spotlight.

In my conversation with Ilana, we delve into the full spectrum of Google Ads, and here are a few discussions I found interesting.

Understanding Match Types

Keywords are your hooks in Google’s search. Harnessing the correct match type could mean the difference between casting a net too wide and spearing a fish.

Exact match, phrase match, and broad match each have their role, but for many local businesses, phrase match strikes the balance, pulling in leads that are interested without being exceedingly narrow.

Crafting Targeted Ad Copy

Your ad copy is your first conversation with a potential customer. It should resonate and reflect what they’re seeking. That means avoiding blandness and ensuring your ads clearly articulate your location, services, and unique selling points.

Highlighting aspects like parking availability, after-hours services, or payment plans could dramatically effect the quality of leads your ad attracts.

Bidding on Brand Keywords

An often-debated tactic is whether to bid on your brand name. Despite differing opinions, the consensus tilts toward a resounding “yes,” especially if your brand name contains general search terms.

The costs are low, competition is minimal, and it safeguards your brand from competitors who might target your name.

Streamlining Campaign Optimisation

Optimisation isn’t a one-time activity; it’s an ongoing process of refinement.

From the strategic addition of negative keywords to tweaking the timing of ads (capitalising on after-hours searches, for instance), there are numerous ways to streamline your campaigns to garner better results over time.

Embracing Mobile and Local SEO

Optimising for small screens isn’t optional, with mobile searches accounting for many online queries.

Ensure your ad occupies as much real estate as possible with extensions and user-friendly interfaces. Conversely, local SEO can significantly bolster your visibility in local search results.

Continuous Learning and Expert Guidance

Whether you’re DIY-ing your Google Ads or working with an agency, staying informed and adaptable is crucial.

Courses and resources, like those provided at, can empower local business owners with the knowledge and tools necessary to master their digital marketing efforts.

Through comprehensive courses, personalised account reviews, and community support, your journey through the Google Ads landscape can be both educational and rewarding.

Final Thoughts on this Interview

In conclusion, whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a business owner getting your hands dirty in the digital marketing, the right strategy in Google Ads could be your gateway to achieving and exceeding your business goals.

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