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Introducing PatientHub, the tool that’s reinventing Allied Health Marketing

The team at Local Health Marketing have developed Allied Health Marketing software to help Allied Health practices. Its core aim is to automate patient engagement, and it’s packed with excellent features to support this goal.


PatientHub is all you need to get connected with your patients, anytime, anywhere.

The PatientHub platform is a robust Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) that helps you communicate with patients, track and report on patients, and set automation to communicate with patients to support your marketing efforts. 

PatientHub’s automation solution lets patients engage with your clinic without having to be available 24/7 as it speaks on your behalf.  

The system comes pre-built with all different types of campaigns, making it an invaluable tool for any Allied Health Professional looking for new ways to engage with their patients.

No more will you need to pay for 3 or 4 different tools to run your marketing efforts.

The platform consolidates all your existing tools into an all-in-one marketing tool.

Think email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, SMS Marketing tools like Twilio, dynamic phone numbers such as Delecon, website, Facebook and GMB live chat integration.

Healthcare Marketing Automation

Healthcare Marketing Automation is the use of software to improve marketing efforts for providers. This programming improves coordination between marketers, receptionists, and other stakeholders in order to increase patient retention.

There are many instances where implementing healthcare marketing automation has added value for providers by delivering more qualified prospects up front. With marketing automation, there are less calls being made to patients who have no intention of engaging the clinic – speeding up the process considerably. Along with higher conversion rates, automated email and text message follow-ups have shown great effectiveness in producing better customer service metrics as well as increased revenue which patients are willing to spend since they are getting quality care from their physician team. Provider ROI can be seen quickly through measurable responses back from a text message follow up.

Generate new patients automatically with PatientHub

As a practitioner, you know the importance of growing your practice. Yet, with increased competition, it’s become increasingly difficult to attract new patients.

You need software that can support your practice and help grow your business while focusing on what matters most – taking care of your patients

PatientHub works to acquire new and returning patients into visitations, so your return on investment multiplies! In addition, PatientHub offers unparalleled services that will allow you to expand your practice supporting your advertising efforts.

Allied Health Software

Automate all patient communication and boost income with PatientHub

Unlike most marketing tools, the system comes pre-packaged with customisable and designed campaigns specifically for practitioners in Allied Health fields such as physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors. 

If you don’t have a Practice Manager that can champion the product for you, PatientHub also has a package to run the software on your behalf.

PatientHub Principles

PatientHub, a platform to connect with all your patients in one place

The platform tackles four core dependencies; Interaction, Retention, Reactivation and Engagement

Patient Interaction

The Patient Interaction module enables you to automatically set up automated actions that automatically respond to patient inquiries when people engage with you via phone, web, ads, or social media.  Powered by Google’s DialogFlow, the system will provide a completely automated, intelligent and flexible way to manage patient enquiries.

All the messages from SMS text messages, website live chat, Facebook, GMB messages are all consolidated into one interface, so you do not have to manage multiple platforms.

Further, when the receptionist is having one of those days and inundated with calls, the automated actions will save them time for those repetitive tasks of scheduling in bookings and managing cancelled or no show bookings.

This module is highly customisable to suit individual needs. A PatientHub expert will set you up with a campaign that best suits you, so it’s easy for people at all levels to manage their patients on the platform.

Patient Interaction Benefits

  • Save time with automated messages, no longer have to monitor multiple platforms.
  • Content is created with you by an AI bot.
  • Follow up missed calls & live chat with an automated text message that interacts with patients on your behalf.
  • Improve your ROI with automated responses, which will generate more patients

Patient Retention

The Retention module works to aid in converting your existing patients into repeat visits. It does this through a sequence of follow up SMS text messages and automated email activity. These actions are customisable so that you can tailor them to your specific needs. 

The system also helps you track and report on your patients. For example, you’ll be able to see lists of all the patients that have visited in a given month or year, plus their engagement levels with the different marketing efforts used by PatientHub.

There is a CRM module that will help you manage customer data, provide reporting and aid you in making informed business decisions.

Patient Retention Benefits

  • Increase the number of returning patients. 
  • Improve customer loyalty. 
  • Reduce marketing costs. 
  • You’ll never have to worry about forgetting a patient’s birthday again!

Patient Reactivation

The Reactivation module works to actively prospect patients into visits, reschedule missed appointments and send automated appointment reminders. 

This feature works exceptionally well, especially if you’re running Facebook campaigns with promotional offers. 

The module sends SMS text messages and automatic email reminders.  The patient will receive a notification from the system, which will remind them of their appointment – either to reschedule or just show up.

Patient Reactivation Benefits

  • Increase your appointment conversion rates by up to 50% 
  • Improve the patient experience with automated reminders.
  • Send personalised messages to patients who missed their appointments. 

Patient Engagement

The Engagement module works to aid in increasing your patient’s participation with you after their treatment via a membership area, where your customers can log in and view a series of pre-recorded videos reiterating the stretches you offered during your patient’s visit.

The patient can interact with them, but the system also sends automated emails announcing new video content that will encourage the patient to come back to the portal.

This module is excellent because it allows your patients to choose how much time they want to spend engaging with you – without having to be available 24/endlessly.

Moreover, this engagement engine has a payment gateway feature so that you can create an additional revenue stream for your practice.

Patient Engagement Benefits

  • Increase customer engagement with your practice.
  • Get more patients to follow through on treatment plans.
  • They’ll have a way to track their progress and follow your instructions at home. 
  • You’ll get the opportunity to make an extra income stream for your practice, which is always lovely!
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Final Thoughts

The PatientHub, an all-in-one healthcare marketing automation system that tackles the four core dependencies of interaction, retention, reactivation and engagement.  

Not only does it provide a CRM system, but it also includes a powerful all-in-one marketing tool that can communicate on your behalf, 24/7.

The platform provides automated SMS text messages and email reminders to patients, as well as a membership area where your customers can log in to watch prerecorded stretches you offered during their visit.

Plus, the PatientHub system is highly intuitive for savvy and is fully customisable to suit your needs.

You can learn more about PatientHub here: and be sure to book a demo today

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