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Allied Health Website Webinar: How to Optimize for MAXIMUM Conversion

If you’re an Allied Health clinic owner, then you know how important marketing is for your practice. In this video, we explore website best practices and share some tips on how to optimize your website for maximum conversion.

#1 – Is your website set up to CONVERT visitors to bookings/callers?

#2 – Are you using authentic images and videos?

#3 – Do you have a compelling Call To Action after every block of text

#4 – Mobile Conversion Optimisation

#5 – Clear Name, Address, Open Times

✨ Key Takeaways ✨

☑️ Figure out your ideal patient (write it down!)

☑️ Update the copy of your home page with your ideal patient in mind, along with your top services

☑️ Make sure you have a clear Call To Action (Book Now & Phone Number) – Don’t forget about mobile!

☑️ Set goals & ensure your tracking.  Can be done through Google Tag Manager

☑️ Take photos and update them throughout the website

☑️ Record yourself on your phone, upload to YouTube and add to the website

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